Welcome to Deado.DEV! Things are under construction right now, but feel free to view my progress below!

First things first - All of the styling you see on this page is going to be the same as the global styling I plan to use. (All dates in DD/MM/YY)
After the first day or two of learning HTML and CSS, sorting out my base styling and designing the layout for the site, I managed to get the nav bar looking good, though it took about an hour or two to figure out how to make my logo position correctly at multiple window sizes, which looks like this:
Nav Bar Image

Next, I focused on actually programming in the layout, and trying to make the first section have a good-looking image.
The first part of this was pretty easy, but making the image fit to the box I wanted was a bit of a pain, though that's mostly because just have the "really smart but also super stupid" brain, so it took way longer than it should've done to actually get this sorted.
Beneath are two images to compare: the first is the image without the correct proportions, and the second is the one after I was done fixing it up (with some added text, and a styled hyperlink).:

Once that was done, I started work on something vital and something completely unimportant, since I have no semblance of prioritisation.
I did the unimportant first, that being embed functionality (specifically for Discord). If you're interested, click here for the basic HTML which adds that functionality.
Then I realised while writing this page out that I didn't have any scroll functionality, so spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why setting overflow-y: scroll didn't let me scroll the page, I realised that, under my MAIN tag, I had overflow: hidden; after using the code from the main section of my site here, since I don't want the finished product to be able to scroll or even have a scrollbar, as there is no need.

As of writing, I've spent all of today (28/06/23) just working on this page, because I didn't want a weird WIP site as the first page you see, though I will relegate this site to a subpage (probably deado.DEV/WIP/) once the main page is complete enough.

Well, it's been a minute since I last updated this... It is currently 10/07/23 and the reason for the lack of updates was something so unbelievably stupid, I'm genuinely surprised I even managed to waste almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS trying to figure it out...
I literally managed to break my Nav bar without realising while I was making the super gay rainbow text, by completely messing up the perfectly designed spacing. Out of all the genius things I've done, accidentally putting the CSS class for the Title div in the ID section is definitely up there... For those who don't speak nerd, when I put the thing in the ID section, it completely prevented the formatting from working that is based on said ID section. The second I realised this, and moved the value to the correct location (quite literally 9 characters over) everything was back to normal :D

11/07/23: I switched the background to a nice gradient, and spent about 40 minutes on the footer of this page so that it was more visually pleasing. Honestly I'm really happy with the colours, especially since I kinda just guess-worked which ones would look good. Still not 100% certain on the rainbow text at the top though - currently it's Magenta, Cyan, and Green, and back again, but I may add some more red and orange hues to the mix so that it's a more full rainbow. I honestly am amused realising that I've spent ~2 weeks working on all the pretty yet highly unnecessary elements of this page, and haven't even touched my main page that I'm supposed to be focusing on...
It's fine, I'll actually start work on that again tonight...

Background and Buttons Done

I have completed the entire index (main) page of my website, and changed this page to be the blog for now. As of writing, every entry is in chronological order; however, I plan on making it reverse chronological order, so basically the newest entry will be at the top, instead of the bottom. The next thing I need to do is actually get the subpages up, but I'm sure those can be knocked out in a couple days max, since they should be really simple, not involving learning how to do literally everything.

Main Page Finished

30/10/23: Wow, it's been a minute since I was last here, making changes... I did a mini-overhaul, and completely remade the background for subpages, and decided to actually work on creating the subpages that aren't this one. The one I worked on today was the About page - and in working on trying to give more life to the page, since it really was just a couple of text walls, I wound up going down a rabbit-hole of trying to make the perfect starry background. It started with trying to use gradients as background images to create what looked like stars, then turned to me trying to randomise the values since they were too generic and grid-like, with no variation, and when that didn't work, I wound up settling on what we have now (shown below... there's a chance that it will change in future, but who knows).
OH, and I made the Nav bar sticky too now! Took way longer than I care to admit, but it feels good to have it like that now. Somehow in the process I managed to break the Horizontal Rule breaks I had between each entry, but I'll try to fix that later (if I can).

A Functional Starry Night Background

31/10/23: IT'S HALLOWEEN YIPEEEE!!! I'm sure you all know what that means - a bunch more programming! I managed to fix up my file system to get it back online, which took a few hours to get sorted, though I got very sidetracked as my Stream Deck came today, so I wound up spending a few hours on setting that up... As far as the coding goes: I managed to fix a bunch of broken hyperlinks dotted around on the different pages, and I focused on making the contact page; I'll be honest I'm not really a fan of how it looks, but since I can't change the font colour for the form itself, I kind of just figured I'd go with a light gradiented background and figure out something long-term later.

Oh, and I also decided to rename the images again, which is a mini hastle to fix everything when I do since the locations are hardcoded - basically meaning that if I change the name of a file, anything pointint to that file on my site will break until I fix it. It really is a simple fix, it's just one that's pretty easy to miss.

My New Stream Deck
A Functional Contact Page