About Deado

Deado is an avid and active programmer, with a history in technology, mathematics, and physics. Basically anything analytical, he has dipped his toes in at some point or another.

Throughout his life, he has developed various simple programs and utilities, almost all unreleased, since they are only really for his own use, or those he knows. Besides quality-of-life utilities, he has also developed a trainer for Shellshock Live, using mathematical formulae to calculate the angle and power to shoot at, which also accounts for wind, but hasn't released this as it was a pet project, and doesn't want others abusing an aimbot he made online; he has also made a few low-level viruses, again just as mini projects to see his capability, and to try his hand at it properly. Do note that Deado's morals are what guide him, so while they might be far from perfect, he will not compromise them without good reason. This is exactly why, while he is competent in the realm of ethical hacking, he does not use his knowledge for self-gain at the expense of others.

Outside of programming (and other tech-related fields), Deado has also been involved in eSports - as a player, coach, and manager, at various points in time. He currently has over 7000 hours in Rocket League, and in that time: has earned several hundred from his time partaking in leagues, has coached more than 50 players (ranging from friends to top-level eSports players), and has managed 3 major teams, along with a few minor teams too.

Finally, Deado currently creates content on YouTube and Twitch, though spends no where near enough time editing to be considered a consistent YouTuber, if one at all. Twitch is his main focus, and he has taught many how to get set up for streaming, along with how the streaming software and Behind The Scenes functionality all works.

About this site

Deado made this site almost on a whim - after one of his friends kept talking about making another website, it encouraged him to learn how to make his own. The whole reason this site exists is simply just as a test to how well he can make a website without any prior knowlege or anything whatsoever.

He has dedicated this site to function as a form of hub for all of his online-presence related activities and announcements, such as helping keep everyone up-to-date with his newest videos, any other projects he decides to work on, and anything else he wants to share. The site has been in development since it's creation, and will likely always be evolving, though it isn't uncommon for Deado to hyperfixate on other things that pique his interest, causing him to completely forget about developing this site for potentially months on end.

If you happen to have any interesting suggestions, notes, or otherwise, please don't hesitate to get in contact! Click the "Get In Touch" button at the top right on the Nav bar, or DM him on any platform linked in the Footer or in the icons section of the Nav bar.
Please do note that he is rather incapable of responding to messages, emails, and otherwise, so messaging on Discord will likely give you the best odds of having your message be seen, and actually responded to, in a timely manner.